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We stand alone in the racing industry in our insistence on using stout, billet-aluminum rails for all of the sealing surfaces in every oil pan and all Professional-series valve covers.
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Billet Fabrication works closely with Titan Speed Engineering to develop the world’s finest wet-sump oiling systems for GM, Ford and Mopar V8s.

While dry-sump oiling systems have been popular in the professional categories for years, more sportsman racers switch to them every day. Whether you need a 3, 4, or 5 stage pan, Billet Fab has what you need.
Our Professional Series billet-rail valve covers put Billet Fabrication on the map! On the Professional Series you get extra-thick (.090″) sheet metal, solid-billet attachment tubes, and the nicest heliarc welding in the industry — all for the price of stamped-out valve covers!
Professional photographer based in London, Dubai and New York, specialising in commercial, fashion, lifestyle, hotels, editorial and corporate photography.
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